FIX-ed Spaghetti with Homemade Tomato Sauce & Italian Meatballs

Happy Wednesday!!!!

In my house, Wednesdays are wacky… And what’s wacky-er (did I just create a word? Score!) than wiggly spaghetti noodles!

But, beware! Store bought spaghetti sauces are often rife with sugar and preservatives! And white noodle pasta? Well, that’s an in-depth discussion for another day.

Now, if you’ve ever done the 21 Day Fix, you may have questioned where to place spaghetti sauce in your containers. I’ve got the answer right here – it depends. Do you consider a tomato a fruit or veggie?

Okay, I’m done pulling your chain, but really, it does depend – on whether you buy store bought, or make your own.

The differentiating factor is all that sugar.

See, in the containers, the sugars cause store bought spaghetti sauce to be considered a fruit, or purple container. And if you’re anything like me, those fruits are easier to fit in than those greens.

So, I smash em in everywhere I can, from my shakes to my brownies! So, naturally, I prefer the homemade veggie sauce, just like Grandma used to make ๐Ÿ™‚

But what is spaghetti without some meat? I personally prefer meatballs to the meat-sauce variety. 

So, now the question remains… Noodles?

In my house, yes, we do noodles. Just make sure they’re whole wheat, and portion according to your containers.

Feeling fancy and need more greens? Get a Zoodle! That’s the thing that makes your zuchini into noodles, lol.

Or, try it on quinoa!

How do you like your spaghetti night?


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