Shaun T Week w/ Beachbody On Demand: Enroll for FREE!

SHAUN WEEK IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER and it’s time you take your transformation to the next level! It’s been a while since we released new workouts and these are going to change the way you approach everything!!This time around we’re bringing out the chair and a modifier. You NO LONGER have to go to the floor!Get ready for June 12th – the day your workouts will never be the same!


What is Shaun Week?

Shaun Week is a 7-day intensive full body boot camp developed by Shaun T to motivate you to focus like you’ve never focused before. And dig deeper than you ever thought possible.

7 workouts that are Insanity and Focus T25-inspired, incorporating cardio, intense strength conditioning, abs/core, and lots and lots of sweat

Who’s it for?
Great for all fitness levels. Each workout includes a modifier.

How Long are the Workouts?
25 to 40 minutes

What is the Cost?

There is no cost!  This is FREE to all participants who sign up with me as a TeamBeachbody Coach with the Beachbody On Demand All Access 14 Day Trial.

Shaun Week is coming exclusively to Beachbody On Demand on June 12th. No fancy editing and graphics, no gimmicks. What you see is what you get. Shaun uncensored. If you want 1 week to challenge yourself and get back on track – THIS. IS. IT!

To sign up fill out the form below and I’ll get you all set up!

Shaun Week Application


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