Hey all!

If you’ve followed me on Facebook or Instagram for any length of time, you may have noticed that I recently became a Beachbody coach.

In a previous post, I wrote about an amazing team called Every Sweat Matters. Headed up by Katy Ursta, a cancer survivor, and Taylor Molitinero.

These women are a true blessing to the world, and the source of my newly founded inspiration and drive! I have big ideas, that I’m ready to start planning, and I’ll talk about them very soon I hope.

As a coach downline from this team, I have seen them do amazing things. So it’s time for me to start doing the same.

My first goal as a Beachbody coach is to build my business enough to reach the Coach Summit in July, in New Orleans, and become and EVEN BETTER COACH!

I am so ready, and I hope you’ll be as excited for my upcoming ideas as I am.

Stay strong, and stay sweaty!

So, I just had that moment…

I’ve been doing some reading today about becoming a successful Beachbody coach.

I’ve been dragging my feet because I’ve been measuring myself against the successful people above me to highlight my shortcomings, instead of setting the bar. How could I possibly get there?

Everything I’ve read has pointed to a moment… A decision. I thought I’d made that decision before, and failed, but honestly I never did. I tried to convince myself I had, because I did want to be better… But not bad enough.
Now though, I can feel a fire within me (okay, maybe I’m just hungry… Lol). I can feel a drive… A power to do this! 

I messaged my sponsor when this feeling came on, and now I’m sharing it with you here.

I will do this. Starting today.

​Okay, I know you’re busy and I dont expect a response, I just need to get this out there and affirm it to someone other than me to make it real and hold myself accountable.

I haven’t shown up. At all. Ever. 

I keep skating by, issue to issue, and being miserable. I cry about it, say ‘woe is me’ and lay on my couch to relax because everything gets so hard… And it is hard, that isn’t going to change.

There will always be hard things, and me hating my job isn’t going to make it magically better. I hate how I feel, how clothes fit, how I’m chained to a desk and spend almost 2 hours just commuting back and forth to a job I hate every single day. I hate how I can see what I want, and know how to get there, but choose not to do the work.

I’m done being that girl.

I’m starting now, tonight.

Every day I have an hour before my husband gets home -that is now Beachbody time. To learn more about coaching and running the business, the blog, to connect, to workout. When Jess gets home, we’ll do a couple’s workout, or walk.

When that’s done, we do everything else, but between the hours of 430-630, that’s my time. 

I’m done complaining. I must do this. I will make fitness my life, and I will take control.

/end rant – lol

Truth Hurts


It has truly been too long… SOOO much happened in 2016!

Officially started new a new job, moved, started volunteering, married, honeymooned, opened an Etsy shop, Jesse started a new job, we started our Debt Snowball (I’ll do a post on this sometime), made friends, and had so many many new experiences I can’t even keep track… life truly is what happens when you’re making plans.

In all this change, a major goal we both had was getting in shape. So how did we do?
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Monday’s deceptively evil-er twin

You know, everyone always complains about Monday is being so terrible, but honestly, what has Tuesday ever done for anyone?

Well, let me tell you, Tuesdays are Monday’s deceptively evil-er twin, and Tuesday has it out for me (and it’s only 7am!)

Guess who slept through all of her alarms this morning? Completely threw off my plan. I was pretty pissed. I almost threw in the towel on the whole day.

I had these thoughts run through my head like “well, you’re already late, you may as well just run to McDonalds and have a cheat breakfast.” I also have leftovers ready from last night’s approved dinner to take for lunch today, and I actually considered ‘forgetting’ them and running to Taco Bell for lunch!
I managed to turn myself around somehow. I took a few minutes to make my Shakeology and I’m so glad I did.

Today’s shake included chocolate Shakeology, 1 whole banana, 1 tsp. peanut butter, 1/4 cup whole milk, ice = 1.25 lean protein, 2 fruit, 1 healthy fat (I plan to start incorporating veggies too.) OMG what a difference! The banana alone is enough to mask that ‘health food’ taste, and the peanut butter/milk make it really creamy. I definitely didn’t have to fight myself to finish this one, and I actually feel really full this morning!

So, that’s my non-scale victory for the day thus far. I even brought my lunch to work, so crisis averted. I’ll be doing my workout as soon as I get home tonight, and cooking a new PiYo approved dinner.

If you’d like to get approved recipes, and updates throughout the day, I invite you to follow my Facebook page! It’s a super convenient place to keep up to date with me and my mess 🙂

P.s. – I’m freaking SORE! I definitely took it easy yesterday, and modified most of the moves… I did not expect to feel anything from it! Just goes to show that doing something is better than nothing, and modifying doesn’t hurt your progress! So get out there and get moving.