Journal: R1 VLCD 10 (1.1 lb/1.2 lb lost!)

8:22am – This morning was a test. Last night we added two items from the new updated version of the protocol to see how it would affect us. First off, I can tell you that I have never been so satisfied with a meal since the soup I made early last week. Not only was it satisfying, but it was visually appealing, and exciting (this goes a long way!) We decided to try the meal and see what happened, stall or not we were happy to have had the ‘cheat’ meal… and this morning we still had a loss! Continue reading


Perfect Portions

It was recently brought to my attention by my Aunt (and hCG drops distributor) that there is a discrepancy in regards to protein portion size during P2. The protocol I referenced in one of my first posts originally said “100 grams of 1 protein”. The issue here was the 100 grams. According to my Aunt, the plan for my OmniDrops requires only 25 grams of protein (keep in mind this is per meal.) Of course this set off a few bells.

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