Journal: R1 VLCD 10 (1.1 lb/1.2 lb lost!)

8:22am โ€“ This morning was a test. Last night we added two items from the new updated version of the protocol to see how it would affect us. First off, I can tell you that I have never been so satisfied with a meal since the soup I made early last week. Not only was … Continue reading Journal: R1 VLCD 10 (1.1 lb/1.2 lb lost!)


Perfect Portions

It was recently brought to my attention by my Aunt (and hCG drops distributor) that there is a discrepancy in regards to protein portion size during P2. The protocol I referenced in one of my first postsย originally said "100 grams of 1 protein". The issue here was the 100 grams. According to my Aunt, the … Continue reading Perfect Portions