Avoiding Temptation on National Donut Day

It’s here! Another food-centric holiday – National Donut Day (there’s actually an interesting history behind it that you can check out here), and the shops and bakeries are following suit.

Go to Dunkin Dounts and receive a free donut with the purchase of a beverage (and I saw somewhere that you could get a free ½ dozen with the purchase of ½ dozen! this was proven false 😦 damn.) or to any Krispy Kreme for one free donut per person.

Office kitchens are sure to display a variety of these delicious torus-shaped pastries, donated by well-meaning co-workers eager for a reason to break up the monotony of #CubeLife.

Events like this are a frequent occurrence in companies around the nation, and your self-control muscles must be flexed on the regular if you’re trying to maintain or lose weight. It’s a real challenge for us desk-jockeys. Continue reading