Truth Hurts


It has truly been too long… SOOO much happened in 2016!

Officially started new a new job, moved, started volunteering, married, honeymooned, opened an Etsy shop, Jesse started a new job, we started our Debt Snowball (I’ll do a post on this sometime), made friends, and had so many many new experiences I can’t even keep track… life truly is what happens when you’re making plans.

In all this change, a major goal we both had was getting in shape. So how did we do?
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Opinion: Fat Shaming > Thin Shaming?

Note: Earlier today I read an article where a gentleman expressed his appreciation for a plus sized form in reference to the comparison of the Victoria’s Secret “Perfect Body” campaign & Lane Bryant’s “I’mNoAngel” campaign. I expressed my opinion on the matter and we had a little back and forth on his blog. This debate inspired me to elaborate on my feelings of the matter.

Let it be known that this is in no way an attack to the author of the original post. That post simply inspired me to voice my opinion, and that’s the point, right? Read the original post here. Continue reading