Journal: R1 VLCD12 (.7 lb/.7 lb lost!)

8:20am – Decent morning thus far. Had a loss today, though I’m still not below what I was 2 days ago. Oddly enough, J and I had the exact same losses today – .7lbs down (1 lb. fat).

Aunt Flow showed up bright and early today (at least she waited for the weekend) so hopefully I’ll start releasing all this bloating soon.

We’ve been slowly opening up to the new 800 calorie diet options, and this morning J made us scrambled eggs (1 whole egg and 3 egg whites (or the equivalent of Eggbeaters All Whites)) with some salt & pepper and an 8oz. glass of Diet V8 Splash Tropical Blend. It was different eating a meal so early again but it was nice. Continue reading


On Your Mark, Get Set… Goals!

As promised, here are my goals!

Please be nice guys… this is the first time I’ve ever willingly posted photos of myself in such a fashion, and the first time I have recorded (and admitted to myself) my actual measurements… (F.Y.I. I’m definitely not wearing the right bra band-size…)

This measurement process has been a truly sobering experience… I knew I was unhealthy and that I had put on a lot of weight based solely on the scale number, but the measurements and body fat % really just… wow…

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